Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to Use a Guitar Humidifier

An essential accessory for your acoustic guitar is a guitar humidifier. The guitar humidifier prevents the body of your acoustic guitar from warping and cracking due to the wood drying out. This becomes even more important if you live in a dry climate where the humidity is frequently less than 40 percent or if your guitar will be stored in an arid environment, as is found inside most homes.


      How To Use A Guitar Humidifier
          * 1. Purchase a tube-type guitar humidifier. This can be found at any music store or you can find one online from a retailer such as Musician's Friend. The tube-type humidifiers disperse moisture in the most beneficial way while your guitar is being stored. The tube section of the humidifier contains a sponge. Another type of guitar humidifier is called a sound hole humidifier. This is basically a device that fits over the sound hole opening and releases moisture into the body. The drawback to these types of humidifiers is the possibility of mold or mildew because they greatly hamper air circulation into the guitar.
          * 2. Hold the tube under a stream of water. Tap water out of the sink is perfectly fine. Allow the tube to absorb water for a few seconds.
          * 3. Turn off the water and squeeze the tube section gently to wring the excess water out of the sponge. It is important that the tube be wet but not dripping. Dripping water can damage your guitar.
          * 4. Locate the plastic cap at the end of the humidifier. You will want to hang the tube inside the guitar body. To accomplish this, wedge the plastic cap between the strings above the sound hole in such a way that the tube is well into the body but not touching the inner parts of the guitar.
          * 5. Check your guitar humidifier once a week to make sure it is still moist. If not, wet it again and then place it back inside the guitar.

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